About Us

Who are we?

Big Event picnic tables is a family ran business which prides itself in nothing but the highest standard of quality and service. All our products are manufactured in our Melbourne Factory and all our timber is locally sourced. We have been established now for around 7 years.

What started off as a hobby has rapidly expanded into the manufacturing of outdoor furniture for hire and sales. We specialise in traditional style picnic tables however are continuously adding to our product range and working with clients to meet there needs on any custom work.


If your looking for that relaxed seating plan at your wedding, we have you covered with our traditional style picnic tables these are a great addition to your event and will have your guests feeling comfortable and relaxed. Our products are most suited to rustic, D.I.Y, Country and farm, Garden and Outdoors and Vintage style weddings. They are however so versatile they would suit any style of wedding.


We have been apart of fitting out several corporate buildings with our products and custom designed furniture. Our furniture completes any corporate space with its unique stylish look. Due to the quality and sturdiness these are the best option for completing your space.


With high traffic going through your festival our tables will be guaranteed to keep up with the seating of all your guests comfortably. We have a variety of furniture to suit your needs from bench seating to pallet furniture to picnic tables. Our Picnic Tables are the best solution for your seating as they stay in place and cannot be easily moved by patrons at your festival. We will come in and do all the work for you. The look of our Traditional Style Picnic Table will complete any festival.

Benches & Tables for Sale

Interested in purchasing our hand-crafted picnic tables and benches? View our range available here.

Event Hire

Interested in hiring our hand-crafted picnic tables and benches? Or maybe our bar stools? View our range available here.

Got Questions?

If there’s anything else you’d like to know, pop through a message and one of our friendly staff will get back to you as soon as possible.