Event Hire


Are you holding an event and need some extra tables and chairs? A picnic table is a great solution for any event.

Our picnic tables are very solid therefore can’t be moved around, they will also save staff from having to rearrange tables and chairs. They won’t blow around in the wind or get knocked over. Not only that each table seats 6-8 adults.

Our picnic tables come with an umbrella hole to provide extra shade if required!

Treated pine Picnic Tables

These come in either clear or Brown and are 8 seat Picnic Tables.

Hardwood Picnic Tables

These come in either black or white and are 8 seat Picnic Tables

Picnic table hire for cafes



Our bench seats are great if you are in need of some more seating and you have limited space.

Our bench seats are solid wood so they won’t get broken and will keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Each seat will easily fit 4-5 adults. They are very sturdy due to they wide frame legs to prevent them from falling over. Ideal for those outdoor weddings or any occasion with a large crowd!

There is two different types of bench seats available one being hardwood bench seats and the other being Recycled timber rustic style benches.

Hardwood Bench Seats Crate Style Furniture

These come in Black Leg and clear tops Why not check out our crate style furniture to create the right

atmosphere for your event

Rustic bench Seats

These are made from Recycled Timber (10 available)

Love swings

These come in either clear or white.

High Bar Tables

1.8m long by 110cm High coming in wither Black or White with a wooden Bench top.

White Octagonal 2.75m Umbrella

This Includes built-in stand (free standing also available)

Pallet Furniture

We have a variety of different pallet furniture including coffee tables, bench seating, cocktail bar, pod seat and a high pallet table. Please refer to images below.


Metal style stools these are a great match to our High Bars and our Pallet Bars above.