Care and Maintenance of your Picnic Table

Caring for your outdoor furniture is as crucial as the initial purchase. For wooden materials, it is important to clean them with warm soapy water, if the furniture is dirty or has mould, algae or mildew.  Always allow the wood to dry completely. Tighten the Joints, over time the joints can loosen in timber outdoor furniture, If you do notice any, simply re-tension the bolts. Be aware that not doing this can actually cause damage to your furniture over time, causing its life to be prematurely shorten. The best part about our products is that they are low maintenance and keep on lasting.

Things to remember

• Timber colours may vary slightly from our images and from each table. 

• All tables are treated with non-arsenic treatment.

• Wood is an organic substance, and will always try to match its environment.

• Conduct a routine maintenance check every 3-6 months

• The best protection for you table would be to keep it undercover alternatively purchaisng a cover for your table is a great solution to keep it looking new with minimal maintainance.

• The first sign of needing to be recoated would be patchiness and discolouration. Wood moves, swells, and shrinks this should be fully understood and expected when buying any timber product for your garden. Sometimes these cracks can open up alarmingly large but remember it is entirely normal and once the inner core has dried the crack will close up. Likewise as the moisture in the air increases so will the free water absorbed by capillary action in the wood and once again the cracks will close up. None of these splits or cracks in the timber will affect its structural integrity or inherent strength.

Keeping the Timber Protected

If you don’t protect the surface of the timber, it will naturally turn a silvery grey colour as it ages. Some people desire this look but if you don’t, you’ll need to varnish your timber regularly to keep the tones alive and vibrant. Use a good quality varnish to re-finish your timber twice a year, depending on how much sun exposure it gets. Try to find a varnish that has water, fungi, and mould resistant properties.

Weatherproofing Varnish

A clear oil will provide protection against the elements whilst still maintaining the natural light colour and grain of the timber, please note if you choose this option it is recomended you keep your table undercover you protect it with a table cover when it is not in use.


A stain will also provide protection and maintain the natural grain of the timber while taking on the colour of the stain.


Just like a house, painting will provide lasting protection and you can match your structure to suit your own property. It is a good idea to perform any of the above on a overcast day to ensure the sun is not drying the product as you go.

Products we use at Big Event Picnic Tables

Feast and Watson Weatherproof Varnish

Feast and Watson Stain- Black Japan

Intergrain Charcoal

Paint Dulux outdoor weather shield (colour by choice)

Picnic Table Covers

To help lower the maintainence and keep your Picnic Table protected from the elements, it is a great idea to invest in a picnic table cover. Remember it is just as important to invest in the maintenance and protection of your Picnic table, to keep it looking new with minimal Maintainance.


  • PVC Vinyl 380gsm 300D
  • Diamond Emboss
  • 100% waterproof
  • UV Protective
  • Rot Resistant
  • Be sure to select the right size for the table you have purchased.

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