Anti Theft Brackets


Protect your table by adding these anti theft brackets to your order.



Deter would-be thieves by adding anti-theft brackets when you order your table. Installing outdoor furniture at your business or in a public space can lead to sleepless nights, these anti-theft brackets could be the solution you’re looking for.

Anti-theft brackets provide an additional deterrent to would-be theives, 4 brackets are fixed to each table leg during manufacturing, once in location they are anchored into position (suitable for hard surfaces only) by you or for an additional fee our staff can install when delivered. Brackets can be colour matched to your table legs (black, white, grey) so they disappear from sight. Please keep in mind that anti-theft brackets are suitable for hard surfaces such as concrete, pavers etc only.

Suitable for anyone installing tables in retail or community outdoor spaces and outdoor roadside dining. Installation is available within Victoria; a quote will be provided separately.


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