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Handcrafted Traditional Style Picnic Tables

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Our hand-crafted picnic tables are Australian Made and built in our factory located in Lilydale Victoria, they are built to last in all conditions for many years to come, made from Vic Ash Hardwood timber using 140x45 for the tops and 90x45 for the legs. Umbrella holes are 60mm and are available by selecting yes in the drop down box above.

Great for the back / front yard, sporting clubs, schools or business seating / lunch area, caravan parks or pubs and cafes.

* Timber colour may vary slightly from our photos. All tables are treated with non-arsenic treatment.

Wood is an organic substance. It also tries its hardest to match it’s environment which you may not know. It moves, swells, and shrinks to do so and is normal timber behavior.

This should be fully understood and expected when buying any timber product for your garden. Sometimes these cracks can open up alarmingly large but remember it is entirely normal and once the inner core has dried the crack will close up. Likewise as the moisture in the air increases so will the free water absorbed by capillary action in the wood and once again the cracks will close up.

None of these splits or cracks in the timber will affect it’s structural integrity or inherent strength.


Weatherproof Varnish
Is a clear oil protector which will be applied to your table maintaining the natural colour and grain of the timber.

A stain also provide protection to your table, maintain the natural grain of the timber whilst taking on the colour of the stain.

Painting also protects the wood, however changes the appearance of the natural grain. This is a nice option if you have a particular colour you want to match. Please request what colour you would like.


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Black Legs, Clear Tops, Black Legs, Spotted Gum Stained Tops, Charcoal Stain, Clear Varnish, Grey Legs, Clear Tops, Merbau Tops Black Legs, White Legs, Clear tops, Raw (No Treatment), Painting

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